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ProQuest Deep Indexing

Ground-breaking Deep Indexing Coverage Added to Select Databases

ProQuest has enhanced subscriptions to the following databases with access to complementary, supplemental Deep Indexing resources as below:

Current Database Supplemental Deep Indexing Resource
AGRICOLA ProQuest Deep Indexing: Agriculture
ASFA: Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts ProQuest Deep Indexing: Aquatic Sciences
Biological Sciences Database ProQuest Deep Indexing: Biological Sciences
Engineering Research Database ProQuest Deep Indexing: Engineering
Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Database ProQuest Deep Indexing: Environmental Sciences
GeoRef ProQuest Deep Indexing: Earth Sciences
High Technology Research Database with Aerospace ProQuest Deep Indexing: High Technology & Aerospace
Materials Research Database with METADEX ProQuest Deep Indexing: Materials Science
Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts ProQuest Deep Indexing: Atmospheric Sciences
Polymer Library ProQuest Deep Indexing: Polymer Science
Technology Research Database ProQuest Deep Indexing: Technology

Adding the Power of Deep Indexing

These supplemental Deep Indexing databases will be searched along with the traditional A&I file so that users retrieve a more robust, relevant results set. Deep Indexing captures and categorizes data, variables and other content represented in tables, maps, photographs and other figures which are typically embedded in scholarly publications and previously undiscoverable when searching publications -- with ProQuest's Deep Indexing technology assigning an average of 8 index terms per image. Applicable journal article records are further enhanced with thumbnails showing the objects contained within that article indicating a Deep Indexing result and giving a quick preview of the image(s).

These Deep Indexing resources are unique to ProQuest and provided as part of your subscription at no additional cost.

Additional database specific information is available on the factsheet for each of the databases, hyperlinked to the titles above.